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Writing a dissertation is the last obstacle on the way to your doctoral degree. You should not miss a chance! At the same time, no-one denies the difficulty of this mission. Failing it may result in catastrophe: you will have to wait one more year to submit the dissertation and try to defend it again. It means that you will not be able to get the worth job Doctor of Science level. For example, without having a Ph.D. diploma, one cannot become a college or university professor.

It all begins with the thesis: your worst nightmare comes true! From one side, you are stuck at the beginning of writing process as a hypothesis is the most responsible part of the dissertation. On the other hand, it is impossible to continue writing without this necessary statement. Only an experienced dissertation writer who submitted successful dissertations during his or her life can come up with a compelling thesis and the rest of the project.

We know where to find one! Luckily, we can offer affordable help with dissertation writing. You can get it without leaving your house! Just go to our website and see the Order Form. Wait a minute! Should not we introduce ourselves and explain the reasons to choose us first! Well, that’s an idea! So, who are we? We are online academic service that offers the following:

  • Writing from scratch
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The mission of our company is to provide English-speaking students (and those who come to study in the US or other English-speaking regions) with the qualified academic assistance. No matter whether you need help with creative or business writing, we are here to figure it out! Thanks to the rich experience and exceptional skills, we make our company better and better with every new year.

Writing a good dissertation does not mean scribbling down the facts and results – something more is standing behind. Otherwise, all Ph.D. candidates would earn their degrees with us. Unfortunately, many students fail to do that. The major problem is constraint time it takes to finish the paper of this level. Unlike essays or even research papers, dissertations consist of several hundred pages, and it may take half a year or entire year to complete the project. Wasting your precious time means:

  • No time for a hobby
  • No time for family
  • No time for job
  • No time for fun

We do not think it is fair. That is why we launched this service, and we believe it is ethical to use online help. After all, tutors do not value your time. Also, you may sleep assured that our services are 100% legal. We have never had any issues with the law or educational institutions. Moreover, talented professors from the top colleges and universities join us as freelance dissertation writers. They know how to structure and cite your papers for sure! Also, they know everything about the studied topic as well as how to research to learn more.

Pay for a Professional Dissertation Writer and Researcher in One Face

Do not worry if you do not have a source required by the tutor. You need to share its name with us, and we will get one for free. The assigned writer will read all the sources instead of you and highlight the basic points. When it comes to citing and referencing, we work better than any citation machines. Unlike citation generators online, we cite papers only after checking the latest editions of the writing guides. We know that modern tutors require the usage of the most recent resources only. That is why your writer use only sources no older than 5 years.

The range of our services impresses. It is obvious that we can handle all types of academic papers as we write dissertations. Local Ph.D. dissertation writers possess everything needed to compose excellent treatises. We can also provide you with a speech and discourse to defend your work, and it will cost funny money! So, what are the reasons to pick us from the pool of writing services?

  • Qualified ENL writers with the degrees from the top prestigious colleges and universities
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  • Money-back warranty in case you dislike the final work or the paper is late (however, it never happens).

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We help students from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Students who come to the English-speaking countries to study get invaluable help from us: they learn English together with our Ph.D. writers who are all native speakers. International students benefit from our cooperation. It would be a pity to fail the course only because of the language barriers. Our experts help to erase this barrier and improve your English. We have helped thousands of students during these ten years, so we know all ins and outs of the dissertation writing.

You might know that dissertation consists of multiple parts. Unlike a 5-paragraph essay, it may have 10 or even more chapters. Those are:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Research proposal
  • Results & Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices
  • Glossary

Are dissertation writers academic writers needed? Our success shows that these professionals are highly demanded. We are the caterer of the unique, fresh content required to obtain your Master’s or Ph.D. degree. Through years, our team has accomplished dissertations on numerous subjects, including English and Literature, History, Religious Studies, business disciplines, Physics, Sociology, Biology, Education, Psychology, Political Science, Law, etc. the exceptional knowledge of each subject allows our writers come up with the best dissertations. They can also help with the defence by writing a speech for you. All you have to do to grab your diploma is place your order and leave the rest of the job to our company.