The Key to Writing Persuasive Essays Is Thorough Research and Sound Arguments

Don’t let that stop you from getting that stellar grade though. Persuasive essays, also known as argumentative papers usually pose a challenge to most students. Think about how difficult it is to win an argument verbally, such as a lawyer arguing out a case in court, or even a regular debate in class. Now think about putting that entire argument in words, with you as your own opposition. That’s what persuasive essays are all about. They aim to present a valid and coherent debate, through sound reasoning and logic, showing one side of the argument to be more reasonable than the other. A good example of persuasive essay topic currently might be the amendment of gun laws in the US.

Arguments shouldn’t be sentimental, and they should rely strictly on facts and evidence, whether empirical or abstract. All arguments draw from a thesis statement, which guides the entire paper from introduction to conclusion. They must also be supported by facts, which are based on general observations, personal experiences or from scholarly inferences. You can also apply statistics, quote from recognized and established sources or use real-life examples to show a concrete understanding of the argument.

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Qualities of a Good Persuasive Essay| Get Expert Tips

Persuasive essays are usually targeted, meaning you have an idea of the audience that you are presenting it to before you actually begin writing. In most cases, it may be your professor who likely has a probable impression of what the text is about. It is important from the onset to know which position you agree with, and if not, you may need to conduct more research on the topic to get a proper footing on the facts. Usually, persuasive essays address contentious topics so even those without any background knowledge on the subject can provide commentary on the issue.

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Planning your essay means carefully researching your sources and making sure that you have enough information on the subject and filling any gaps that may exist in your own knowledge of the subject. The entire paper derives from a concise thesis statement, and this marks the beginning, the main body, and the conclusion. The structure of the paper should take the most logical approach, meaning everything from the introduction, arguments, and counterarguments should flow fluidly from beginning to end.

Tips on Starting a Persuasive Essay

Once you have completed your research and compiled evidence for your arguments, created a wireframe or outline for your writing and gotten a complete idea of the direction that you want the debate to take, it is time to start writing a draft. While some students like to jump right in on the writing without having done these preliminary steps, it is always advised to go through the planning phase first, as it provides an outline which clearly showcases essential sections of your work. Structuring the essay is important, and it helps to highlight the most important parts of the arguments and the evidence that backs them up.

The writing format always begins with an introduction which gives a contextual background of the subject matter and also introduces the thesis statement. Usually, you may refine your thesis statement as you go along, therefore, this part is often left for last, or until a crystal clear picture of the entire debate is obtained. The thesis must be debatable, and the audience has to ask questions about it, otherwise it stops being a tentative thesis and becomes undebatable fact. It has to have two sides, meaning you have to present both arguments and their rebuttals.

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