How our bonus system works

First, get a personal balance
As soon as you become our customer, we open a virtual money account for you – your personal Balance. You can check it in your secure, password-protected Customer Area. It is absolutely private and you are the only person who can access and use it.
Second, receive bonuses
So, where does the money on your Balance come from? Your orders! When you order the first paper, 10% goes to your Balance. With each next order, you’ll be getting 5% bonuses. We also offer additional bonuses and promos from time to time.
Finally, pay for papers with bonuses
After the first order, you’ll have money on your Balance. To use that money, fill out the field “Use $$ from my Balance” on the Order page. So, if you have $50 on your Balance and a paper costs $100, use the Bonus Money and pay only $50!

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